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Our Mission

At MaChii we want to inspire the world to enjoy the finest quality of teas (blend) with a purpose (body) and an experience (balance). Whether you are looking for something to kickstart your day, cleanse your temple or tuck into bed and sip your stress away, MaChii has the perfect tea for you.

Taking the Western palate on an Eastern adventure, we travelled thousands of miles around the globe & sampled hundreds of ingredients in pursuit of creating the perfect blends. Our teas are blended to fit into one of our 12 health categories in line with our mantra: better blend – better body – better balance.

The essence of our name encourages you to find your inner chii with every sip of tea. MaChii teas should leave you feeling blissful on the outside & radiate happiness within.

We are truly inspired by Asia’s great tea culture which embodies the zen philosophy of mindfulness, harmony, respect & purity. We believe that chadō (茶道), the way of tea, is at once the way of a balanced life. These values are written all over our name, with ‘Ma’ meaning my and ‘Chii’ meaning balancing the energy within. MaChii Tea only offers quality blends to bring stability to your mind, vitality to your body & life force to your soul.


We know that a perfect cup of tea can make your day. This is why we believe in the mantra ‘Better Blend – Better Body – Better Balance’. It lives & breathes within in the foundations of our business, which is why we will continue to expand and evolve our tea offerings for your needs.

We only source the highest quality tea leaves & herbs, whilst never compromising on our ethical responsibilities. MaChii aims to source natural, fairly traded & eco-friendly ingredients.

All our teas are blended with a purpose in mind. We aim to create a perfectly balanced tea in terms of taste, appearance & health benefits. We focus on creating blends to fit into one of our 12 health categories.

Along with creating a balanced blend for your taste & body, we believe in balancing your soul into a state of Chii. In essence this is the equilibrium, where the yin meets the yang.