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Meet the Founder
Our Tea Bags
No Plastic!
What does MaChii mean?
Our Sourcing story


Danya started MaChii Tea in 2019 – her mission? To inspire the world to drink quality tea with modern convenience!

“It was a visit to a tea house in Kyoto when I was 18 that first opened my eyes to the beauty of chadō (茶道): the way of tea. It encompasses a Zen philosophy of harmony, respect, purity & tranquility. I was mesmerized!”

The more she learned, the more she drank, the more she came to realise something: there is a whole world of tea that is not getting the attention it deserves! She made it her mission to unveil quality, rare, unique and precious teas to the world, while still respecting the beauty of chadō. She knew she had to bring it to the teacup in a convenient way for the modern world to appreciate!

“Tea pyramids are a way of enjoy loose leaf tea in a bag”

What’s my favorite tea?

“Milky Oolong – Don’t be fooled by the name, there is no milk (or milk substitutes). It’s as natural as natural gets. The milky characteristic is simply produced by extra oxidation of the tea leaves.”


MaChii tea offers you a solution where you do not have to compromise quality for convenience.

Our silk tea bags are exceptional pyramid-shaped ‘tea bags’ that allow you to infuse loose tea without the mess. All our pyramids are made of a biodegradable silky soylon material with a wide surface-area. This is important as it allows for the full extraction of flavor, texture, nutrients & health benefits into the tea.

The leaves used in most conventional tea bags are actually ‘dust and fannings’ from broken tea leaves. This is a huge compromise on quality as broken tea is very bitter & loses most of its flavor & aroma. The material, shape & size of the bags are also very important as they can constrain the tea leaves from expanding to their full potential which compromises the flavor and can block the nutrients from seeping out the bag and into the water.

PS. the tea tag is made of fruit dye, which means its safe to consume even if it falls in the cup!

PPS. Did you know that you can use each tea bag 3 times!


What are they made from?

It is a natural carbohydrate extracted from plants. The label on the end of the string is made from simple, old-fashioned paper. Even the ink on the label is fruit-based, and everything is sealed with heat – so no glue! As a result, our tea temples are fully biodegradable!

What should I do with them?

Our Inner Bags:

What are they made from?

What is that? It’s wood-pulp! The geniuses at Futamura have figured out how to convert renewable wood pulp into airtight packaging, which means that the clear inner bag which keeps your delicious tea fresh is now compostable!

What should I do with them?

Our Matcha Cartons:

What are they made from?

What should I do with them?
Recyclable, Reusable, and biodegradable

Our Matcha Tins:

What are they made from?
Tinplate and Aluminium

What should I do with them?
Recycle and Reusable

Our pledge for the future

Put simply, we want to be the greenest tea company, yet still be able to provide you everything you love – and hopefully from the above you can see! We’re not perfect, but as a team we’re SO motivated to get this right. There are still a couple of products in our range for which we want to source different materials so for full transparency, we’ve listed them to show what we’re working on this year. Our loose leaf pouches, wholesale pouches & envelopes!


‘Ma’ meaning my and ‘Chii’ meaning balancing the energy within. Every sip of tea allows you to find your inner Chii, your inner balance. MaChii Tea only offers quality blends to bring stability to your mind, vitality to your body & life force to your soul.

‘’ My balace of energy, whith every sip of MaChii tea’’


Our sourcing is what distinguishes our teas

We source superior quality teas from around the world to bring Chii into your life.

At MaChii we aspire to pour you tea that is that is rich flavour, bold in character & serves a greater purpose. We have voyaged the world, sampled teas from many terriers & unveiled hidden treasures for you to enjoy. The teas we bring to you not commodities. They are of utmost quality that have been carefully selected to represent the unique flavours of their origin. We aim to provide a better tea experience for you while providing fair deals for producers and their communities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to share quality tea with a purpose. We look for rare & precious teas from around the globe that have yet to be exposed to the world.

Quality Taste Share
We only source ingredients that meet our high-quality expectations. We look for natural & fresh ingredients to ensure you are tasting the tea as if it has just been plucked from the gardens.

We would rather keep looking than buy a tea that’s not good enough.
After quality inspection, we sample hundreds of teas. We look for those that arouse our taste buds and we eliminate those that do not.

Once we have narrowed the ingredients down, we reflect back on our mantra (better blend – better body – better balance) and put our chef hats on to create the perfect blend that is bursting with flavour and serves a higher purpose.
At this point, our blends have reached the final stage of our process & are ready to be shared with the world.

Where We Source Our Tea

We have travelled all over the world, tasted teas from many terriers & uncovered hidden secrets to bring to your cup.

Whether you are a tea connoisseur, enthusiast or want to explore the world of tea, there is a perfect cup for everyone.

  • Japan (Kyoto, Uji, Aichi Kyoto)
  • India (Assam, Darjeeling & Sikkim)
  • Sri Lanka
  • Europe (France, Germany, Greece, UK)
  • China (Fujian & Yunnan)


Transparency We Say No To:
Sugar & Artificial Ingredients
No Compromise:
Ethical Responsibility
Our belief: From crop to cup, everything should be crystal clear.

We seek to blend ingredients that you can pick from the gardens and place in the cup yourself.

We offer nothing but real tea leaves, real herbs, real fruit, real flowers, real spices & natural flavours.
MaChii does not believe in white sugar, artificial preservatives & artificial flavourings.

We believe in natural beauty even though it may age faster. We take pride in sourcing the freshest fruit & herbs to sweeten our teas.

We guarantee that there are no hidden ingredients in our tea
In line with our mantra (better blend – better body – better balance), MaChii looks for teas that have been ethically sourced.

We will never ever compromise our ethical responsibilities for taste, price or quality.

We look for fairly traded teas where farmers work in good conditions and fair deals.