A simple guide to brewing Matcha Latte

Matcha Latte :
Machiitea’s How to Brew a Matcha Latte

A step-by-step, visual guide, on how to brew the perfect matcha latte by Machiitea

Serving size: ~180ml/6fl oz
Add/Sift 2 scoops of matcha into a bowl
Approximately 1/2 tsp (~1g)
Wet with a little water (~1 Tbsp/0.5fl oz)
Use ~70°C/160°F (not boiling) soft, filtered water
Massage into a smooth paste
Apply gentle pressure to break up clumps
Add ~50ml/1.7fl oz of remaining water
To make a matcha 'espresso' sho
Pour steamed milk to create a latte
Sip up & Zen down